Think Before You Thank® Robin E. Williams is a donor recognition and architectural program consultant + facilitator. “My expertise is unique, structured and proven.”

Facilitator • Consultant

Robin E. Williams has counseled with literally hundreds of Fundraisers and their Facilities, Marketing, IT and architectural design professionals to “Think Before You Thank”.

Donor Recognition is the single most visible communicator of philanthropic story-telling and branding available to the fundraiser. Done well, “Giving” is measurably enhanced and broadened. Donors are motivated. Donor Retention is assured.

Robin counsels a programmatic and structured approach to establishing and sustaining donor recognition as a primary driver of stewardship. Her thinking about thanking results in the implementation of donor recognition,  that is appropriate to client, gift levels, budgets,  organizational IT and architectural environments.

Economies of efficiency within the stewardship office is crucial. Likewise, sustainability of recognition decision-making must become the “new norm”. Robin makes sure that her clients and their suppliers are in sync to follow procurement processes aimed at accuracy and cost savings.

With Robin E. Williams you’ll learn to apply the right combination of thoughtful planning and practical knowledge to your Donor Recognition program. Call: 404.872.7646, or contact us, to learn how our thinking about thanking will benefit your organization.