Results driven: Robin E. Williams applies traditional concepts of brand continuity, unified messaging, budget pre-planning and programmatic graphic standards to donor recognition process and products.

Most Popular Services:

Total Program Review

A day in the life of a fundraising organization reveals much through our focused and tightly structured assessment of existing donor recognition process and efficiencies.

Today, the linkage of coordinated policy, proven processes and appropriate product outcomes are the requisites of successful stewardship programs.

Nationally known fundraising consultants often include our segment of expertise in their campaign planning offerings, just as have not-for-profit executives called on us over the years to put their “donor recognition house” in order.

Immediate Product Solutions

For organizations in which philanthropy is truly a core value of the institution, success in fundraising is assured. To those non-profits their public face, or brand, for philanthropy is vital and strategic. We make sure all decisions are anchored within the context of immediate deadlines, budgets and the client’s own recognition traditions.

Product solution directives are based upon extensive experience with vendors, their material specialties, their short-comings, and their costs.

No other firm provides is the creative detailing and documentation we provide which is always focused upon the program’s sustainability, both in quality and consistency when subsequent needs appear. Sustainability is simply a big part of our DNA.

Catalogued Donor Recognition Audit of  recognition efforts

A permanent record of all donor recognition is a key to good stewardship. Clients find that a searchable database serves as a ready-resource for communicating clearly with  donors and providing accurate references for the development of new donor recognition components. A library of all recognition fosters consistency and efficiency, and is well worth the effort that goes into conducting the Recognition Audit.

Recognition Opportunity Master Plan

We offer services to document and locate the array of naming opportunities in a searchable hierarchical way, whether limited to an individual facility or encompassing your entire campus. Fundraisers wishing to take fullest advantage of their inventory of naming venues when planning for or making an “ask” find the substance of such a database invaluable.

While most fundraisers with an array of areas to be “named” have a hand-written list and a “Reserved’ document as part of their own set of tools, our work is done in a formal, multi-colored-by gift level way, using the sort of architectural format familiar to all Design and Facilities professionals. Or for larger more complex facilities, we may recommend other solutions, all of which are tied to the idea of how best to influence giving in both individual gift size and continued donor involvement with the organization. Master Planning, whatever the method, is the type of solicitation tool that will elevate your standing and enhance your position of authority with colleagues and donors, alike.

Recognizable Graphic Identity for Philanthropy

Yes there are lots and lots of product vendors and sign companies, local and national, who can make you a plaque and who will most often be able to make a second one just like the last. Yet there is so much more needed by fundraising organizations who are seriously competing for donated dollars, today.

Today, it is mandatory to establish an appropriate “face of philanthropy” for the organization. Robin E. Williams is well known for a creative and cost effective approach to this philanthropy branding effort. Whether through the implementation of a Philanthropy Center and/or simply an Annual Giving display or an Area Naming plaque, our process is the same. Through the evaluation of an organization’s collateral, recognition tradition, budgets and donor constituency, we establish what’s been done best, graphically, and then build upon it by creating a set of standards and guidelines in order to direct all future recognition and communication branding for the organization. We simply bring order to the process, product and policy for donor recognition.

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Your Needs May Vary:

Robin E. Williams relies on proven and proprietary strategies for creative and comprehensive thinking about thanking. My work is done with the single-minded focus of fostering positive donor relationships and thereby encouraging “new”, as well as “continued” giving through heightened donor retention levels.

The size or type of fundraising organization does not matter. Consultation and problem-solving are accomplished with an eye set on sustainability for the institution. The motivation and inspiration of continued giving is critical to perpetuating a successful not-for-profit.

Through thoughtful collaboration over the years, we have established a set of best practices that guide all of our programmatic product and stewardship policy decision-making. Our recommendations for process and methodologies are structured to mirror the unique nuances of the organization’s mission, constituency, stewardship policies and giving traditions.

What do you need? How best might our wide-angled view of donor recognition as the single, most important communication tool serve you? Call us at 404.872.7646, or contact us through this site. Let’s talk about it.