Free Resources and Case Studies

These tools will give you and others you work with more insight into thinking about thanking as a proactive participant in your efforts to enhance and broaden giving, while influencing your own effectiveness at donor retention asvwell.

  Best Practices PDF Best Practices in Donor Recognition. Undisputed, proven practices for ensuring proper returns on investments in donor stewardship
  Total Program Review PDF Total Program Review. A day spent together early in campaign planning or when  stewardship programs are ready to advance will result in a comprehensive needs assessment of current recognition efforts and trends.
  Donor Recognition Policy Development PDF Donor Recognition Policy Development. Documented policy and standardized guidelines are de rigueur for successful fundraising organizations
  Case Study: Metro Atlanta YMCA PDF Case Study for Metro Atlanta YMCA’s comprehensive recognition and sign graphics program
  Case Study: Gwinnett Medical Center PDF Case Study for Gwinnett Medical Center’s comprehensive recognition and sign graphics program.