Proven organizational leadership and process in communicating a culture of philanthropy through thanking.

Robin E. Williams Incorporated is a specialized donor recognition consulting firm. My work has been proven to raise additional dollars while bolstering donor retention.

Fundraising executives receive leadership guidance, as well as the implementation of tried-and-true processes for increasing organizational efficiencies and levels of giving. I promote and nurture the programmatic development and application of a donor recognition as a process. And it can all begin with a day together immersed within a collaborative “Total Program Review”.

My architectural interface experience in Donor Recognition planning, programming, budgeting, design and staffing directives sets our work apart from campaign consultants as well as ubiquitous plaque and exhibit manufacturers.

Traditional fundraising consultants simply DO NOT address the inner workings of philanthropy branding through thanking. Mine is a unique and focused set of skills combining architectural graphic solutions with traditional marketing communications strategies. Our clients can point to strategies that have proven to motivate donors and broaden giving over time. Donor retention is a given.

Donor Recognition is the most under-utilized, 24/7 communicator available to ANY fundraising organization.

Executives and staff are led through the nuances of of public recognition and interaction with architectural designers, Facilities personnel and Marketing planners. Fundraisers, sometimes for the first time,  come to understand branding mechanisms and terminology, recognition procurement process and programmatic gift level planning for efficiencies and effect.

Every viewer of donor recognition is a prospective donor. That’s the unadorned truth. Successful fundraisers understand that viewers can be motivated to give through websites, donor walls and plaques, billboards, annual reports, digital displays and social media which are geared to the celebration of giving.  I strongly advocate a proactive approach to celebrating philanthropy: “Think, Before You Thank”.

There is no better way to invite, excite and incite giving than through a well-planned and coordinated philanthropy branding communications-and-thanking effort. From naming opportunity master planning to product selection and execution, our work stands out.

Herein you’ll find services to identify and evaluate any organization’s recognition past, while recommending how to build on it for tomorrow. All of our work is based upon my well-established “Best Practices of Donor Recognition”®

With Robin E. Williams you’ll learn to apply the right combination of thoughtful planning and practical knowledge to your Donor Recognition program efforts.

Call me at 404.872.7646, or contact us, to learn how our thinking about thanking will benefit your organization.